Our Process

Providing an Experience That is Flawless
and Seamless for Every Customer

Work Flow

We work hard at Omnipress to ensure that each project is done with care and precision. In this industry, we learn alot about trial and error and we know what its like to not receive what you expected. We pride ourselves in never passing that experience on to a customer. With our skilled team of professionals, we make sure that every detail is on point just like the customer ordered so leave the worry to us. Below we have outlined our process of production: 


  • What type of files are acceptable for submission?
  • What is 4 color printing?
  • What image quality does offset offer?
  • What is a proof and why is it needed?

    We offer a free printed proof before printing your full order. A printed proof is a physical example of what you will be receiving with your full order. This is a very good way to make sure your file is correctly formatted before having your entire order printed

  • What are the standard sizes for postcards?
  • What is the maximum size we can print?
    With our large format printer, we offer prints up to 60” wide and the length is endless.